The college administration is taken care of by the Principal with the support of College Council and ministerial staff. The institute calls staff meetings from time to time in which all the members of the staff participate and various decisions for the administration of the college are taken by voice votes. Along with it, the college annually publishes a list of committees in which different members of the staff are appointed conveners and members of different committees handling a particular work of college. The college appoints a senior person from staff members, preferably from the department of Economics , as Bursar who checks the expenditure bills and keeps tab on the grants received from the higher education department of Government of Haryana and collection of fees and funds from students.

In the session 2020-21 the College Administration Comprises following officials:


  • Sh. Dilbag Singh

 College Council:

  • Dr. Surender Singh Yadav, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Economics.
  • Sh. Vinod Kumar, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Zoology.
  • Sh. Hariom, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Sociology.
  • Sh. Sh. Ghanshyam Singh, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Botany
  • Sh. Sandeep Kumar Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Geography


  • Dr. Surender Singh Yadav, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Economics.

Ministerial Staff:

  • Sh. Sh. Pitamber Sharma Clerk
  • Sh. Sh. Dinesh Singh Clerk 

Laboratory Staff

  • Sh. Sanjay Kumar, Restorer
  • Sh. Kailash   Library Attendant

IV Class Employee:

  • Sh. Sh. Chhote Lal Peon
  • Sh. Sh. Deepak Peon
  • Sh. Anil, Peon
  • Sh. Prem Kumar Chowkidar
  • Sh. Ved Prakash  Chowkidar
  • Sh. Ram Kishan   Mali
  • Sh. Jai Parkash   Sweeper
  • Sh. Neeraj          Sweeper
  • Sh. Sonu            Sweeper